Gambit Labs develops solutions to capture value in DeFi. We produce custom legally compliant blocks that maximise validator payout. Last year alone we paid over $5M to Ethereum validators.

Every moment there's someone interacting with a DeFi application that's unwittingly leaving some value behind. We run realtime search to capture such value and send it back to users. We monitor thousands of decentralised exchanges and lending protocols to provide best execution options to our customers for trading a pair or a portfolio of tokens. Our edge comes from novel search algorithms and mathematical models that we've developed along the way. If you have needs in optimal routing, contact us for more information.

Through our research we've come to understand that the implications of transaction ordering (MEV) is one of the most important topics surrounding the design of smart-contracts and blockchain architectures. We're working on developing new ideas to mitigate negative effects, while making the user experience of interacting on-chain safer and easier. If you're developing a new protocol, reach out to us if you'd like to better understand the risk profiles of your design in the context of MEV.

We're a bootstrapped company of researchers and engineers and are always interested in hiring great folks.